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Coffee Caldwell Idaho

Coffee Northwest Style.

We are the headquarters for Ontario coffee and beer. This means we have the best Ontario coffee and craft beer in Eastern Oregon and the Treasure Valley. Thus, we have the freedom and devotion to bring you the ultimate Northwest coffee house experience.

We build all our coffee and espresso drinks from scratch. Every coffee drink we serve comes from our fresh roasted espresso beans. We grind on demand which means we don’t pull shots ahead of time and we don’t reuse left over milk from the previous customers’ coffee drinks.

Plus, we love Ontario coffee so much that we never hide flavor behind obscene amounts of processed sugar. Instead, we craft our drinks to perfectly balance the highest quality flavored syrups with our fresh roasted coffee beans.


Roasted Espresso Beans

Where do you want your Coffee’s espresso beans to come from? Across town, or right up stairs? At Jolts & Juice we roast our espresso beans up stairs from our downtown Ontario Jolts & Juice location.

This means when you drink our drip coffee, latte, espresso, or any other delicious coffee drink, you’re experiencing the fresh taste and aroma that only comes from roasted coffee beans.

Our Ontario coffee roaster company, Jack Henry Coffee Roasters, is a subsidiary of Jolts & Juice. This allows Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho coffee shops to order roasted coffee beans in bulk.

Jack Henry Coffee Roasters


Ontario Craft Brewery

The best craft beer in Ontario Oregon is brewed at Tandem Brewery. Tandem Brewery brews the best craft beer right at the Jolts & Juice Company headquarters in Ontario Oregon. Check out our full Tandem Brewery page to discover what makes Ontario craft beer so special.

Tandem Brewery

Coffee Ontario
Why do we repeat the words “Ontario Coffee” so much on our web site? Because Dr. Stalochovitch told us to. He said we needed SEO optimization. Who is Dr. Stalochovitch? Look below to find out.
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Ontario Coffee. Fruitland Coffee. Caldwell Coffee.

Ontario Oregon coffee and Caldwell Idaho coffee at its best. You will find exceptional coffee, from our own in house roasting, espresso beans, hand crafted drinks, and our own craft beer on tap, (downtown Ontario location only).

Our amazing atmosphere is the best coffee house environment in Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Truly there is nothing quite like us anywhere. With over 5,000 square feet you can stretch your legs and relax. And of course, we offer free Wi-Fi.

As the gateway to Northwest coffee culture it is our intent to send you off into Oregon with high expectations and a standard of what you should encounter throughout our state. Likewise if you are leaving the Northwest, your last impression will be a memorable one to tell your family and friends.

Dr. Stalochovitch

Some say he was an FBI experiment that went horribly wrong, and that he is able to completely blow dry his hair in under 3 seconds. All we know is, he’s called Dr. Stalochovitch.

Dr. Stalochovitch is the Jolts & Juice coffee roasting master. Why? Because he knows nothing except espresso beans. Coffee is all he thinks about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn more about Dr. Stalochovitch, check out his Facebook page.

Ontario Coffee History.

Welcome, first off we are not a franchise. We are devoted to the art of roasting espresso beans and brewing our own handcrafted coffee and alcoholic beverages. We are Jolts & Juice Coffee and Tandem Brewing.

Currently we have four locations. Our mother ship is located in the heart of Ontario, Oregon, in one of Ontario’s oldest buildings. Built in 1899, as one of Ontario’s first banks the building now is home to a different kind of treasure–roasted coffee beens and craft beer. 

We started selling Ontario coffee in 2001 in a cubby-hole behind its current location as an extension to our bike store at that time. The bike business was sold and the entire building devoted to embrace the culture of coffee, beer, wine, and food.

The entire building has been restored to a warm and eclectic feel that has been described as the best coffeehouse environment in Eastern Oregon. In 2004 we expanded our Ontario coffee culture by opening up #2 across town in the Ontario market place next to Walmart and #3 in 2008 in Caldwell Idaho near The College of Idaho

Coffee House Ontario Oregon
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