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coffee beans ontario oregon

Jack Henry Roasters

Todd Heinz, our master roaster and Jolts & Juice owner, roasts coffee beans and espresso beans at our downtown Ontario Oregon Headquarters.

Ontario Espresso Beans

The Jack Henry Coffee Roasters is a subsidiary of the Jolts & Juice Company. We are a small batch roaster roasting Ontario espresso beans. This means we are direct to you the consumer. The roast is small enough to maximize the potential of each coffee bean and espresso bean. The results are the best roasted coffee beans and Ontario espresso beans in Ontario Oregon or Caldwell Idaho.

Small batch roast maintains a higher quality of coffee roasting and espresso bean roasting because we are able to control and respond quicker to all the variables that take place during the coffee bean and espresso bean roasting process.

Our proprietary coffee bean roasting profiles were designed in house to maximize each varietal (coffee bean type and origin) potential.

We roast using a 12 kilo Diedrich Roaster located in our Upper Deck Community Meeting room at our Downtown Ontario Oregon coffee shop.

Coffee bean roasting and espresso bean roasting days are currently Monday-Friday.

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Dr. Stalochovitch

Some say he is the cause of modern day pop music, and that he once dated all three of the girls on Petticoat Junction. All we know is, he’s called Dr. Stalochovitch.

Dr. Stalochovitch is the Jolts & Juice coffee roasting master. Why? Because he knows nothing except espresso beans. Coffee is all he thinks about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn more about Dr. Stalochovitch, check out his Facebook page.

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Jack Henry Coffee Roasters Order Form

We roast our coffee beans and espresso beans daily. This means our blends and prices change continually. So, to order wholesale coffee beans or espresso beans, please use the contact form below to email Todd, our master coffee roaster directly. He’ll let you know the current prices and blends.

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Jack Henry Roasters Wholesale Order

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